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Bumper to Bumper Auto Inspection Service in Hopewell, Virginia

We invited residents of Hopewell and neighboring cities to take advantage of our incredible services at Merritt's Automotive. As your leading provider of exhaust and muffler inspections, there is not a team that can be compared to us.

At Merritt's Automotive we have been in business for over 20 years and have equipped each of our customers with the most honest, and reliable vehicle inspection services. Each of our certified mechanics will test your car to pass Virginia law.

As residents of Virginia we are required to receive an annual vehicle inspection. Our automotive shop offers auto inspections; that meet state requirements. You can guarantee that our customer service and technicians will provide you with excellent results.

We begin this state inspection by raising your vehicle onto a lift; from there we will inspect your ball joints located at the front of the vehicle. The ball joints are in control of keeping your car from driving straight; a dislocated ball joint will cause you to lose complete control of the vehicle.

From there, we then check the tie rods; the tie rods on your vehicle are the steering control and play a significant role in your vehicle's alignment. You can trust that our expert mechanics will ensure the safety of your vehicle tie rods.

Our professional mechanics will also provide you with exhaust inspections, and muffler inspections as well. We use the best diagnostic system to ensure the most accurate results each time! Other aspects of your vehicle’s inspection include the function of your driver’s door and the lights throughout the automobile.

This bumper to bumper inspection is recognized by the state of Virginia and will ensure the safety of your and other drivers on the road. If you are living in the Hopewell area and in need of your annual auto inspection, choose our experts at Merritt's Automotive.

Speak with us today at (804) 469-0871 to schedule your vehicle's next inspection. One of our associates will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and schedule your next appointment.

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